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We offer a variety of IV nutrient therapies at our clinic for chronic disease patients, health optimization, enhanced immune function, to boost energy, aid in detoxification, improved muscle recovery, or simply accelerate your recovery process and liver detoxification capacity after a night out.


Best way to get 100% bioavailability of micro and macronutrients directly to your bloodstream and by passing the gastrointestinal tract. We have 2 basic kinds and will also tweak to make changes based on individual needs.


Immunity: Emphasis on hydration, fast recovery, illness prevention

  • Contains high concentrations of Vitamin C
  • Contains high doses of B vitamins and other nutrients
  • Function:
    • Important for cell healing and repair
    • Faster illness recovery
    • Improve immune function
    • Keep illnesses at bay
  • Great for:
    • Common illnesses like cold and cough
    • Immune compromised
    • Frequent travelers


Recovery: Emphasis on hydration, liver detox, hangover relief

  • Function:
    • Liver detox, especially after hangovers
    • Help clear radicals
    • Provide hydration
    • Replenish the lost nutrients 
    • Get relief from headache, nausea, and other inflammatory symptoms
    • Chronic fatigue
    • Basic nutrient replenishment for athletes

IV Therapy & Immune Boosts in Del Mar, CA
Janice came in and said, “Dr. Kremer, I am always tired… =(.”
I said, “Janice, I have just the thing for you!”

IV therapy took 45 minutes; when she stood-up, she felt like renewed and like a new woman.