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Transform Your Diet, Body, & Mind

Hear from our  naturopathic, osteopathic physician providers, and dietician!

Every Saturday 9:30-10 am

Cooking Hour Saturday 9:30-10 AM

Learn From The Experts About:

Face, Skin, Fat

Smooth and beautify your skin and face. Remove fat from your body stomach, hips, or butt.
Look younger.

Botox, Laser, PRP, IV Therapy

Look good, feel good, and live Longer. Eliminate wrinkles and chronic pain. Improve the your lips and skin.

Full Medical, Naturopathic or Hormone Evaluation
Treat the causes rather then just the symptoms. All disease begins in the gut. Food is your medicine.

Acupuncture / Mind Body & Chinese Medicine 

Eliminate ongoing pain in your body. Unlock the hidden secrets of healing deep within yourself.

Joint Pain

Improve your joints using ultrasound-guided joint injections with placental-derived growth factors.

IV Therapy

Give your body a crash course in health. Take your wellbeing from 0 to 100 in a fraction of the time.

Del Mar Integrative Medicine & Medical Spa

Dr. Arnold S. Kremer

Dr. Arnold S. Kremer

Osteopathic Physician

Improve your appearance and life by smoothing away wrinkles. Learn how to improve your life. Look good. Feel good. Live longer.

Dr. Pyam Zand

Dr. Pyam Zand

Naturopathic Doctor

Teaches wellness and treats the causes of inflammation and not just the  symptoms.

Jamie Lee Tokubo

Jamie Lee Tokubo


Eliminate chronic pain and tension through acupuncture and holistic healing techniques.

Janet Newman

Janet Newman

Medical Esthetician

Renew and smooth your face and skin. Remove fat. Cleanse your skin from environmental toxins that can add years to your appearance.

Other Areas

Twice a Month, Dr. Arnie Kremer hosts an in-person seminar on how to transform your health by what you eat! Get your invite to the upcoming event (to be scheduled).