Understanding the disease process

to fix the underlying problem


Primary Services

The widest scope of the healthcare field, primary care treat a wide variety of illnesses, provide checkups and physicals, order laboratory testing and imaging studies, coordinate care amongst all the patient’s healthcare providers, provide preventative care, and support patient education.


PRP Injection Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma, or “PRP”, is an injection therapy that utilizes the patient’s own blood in repairing joint function. We draw a small amount of blood from the patient, spin it down so that the blood separates into its respective components based on their density: plasma, platelets, and red blood cells.

We then draw up the platelets and plasma and inject it into the joint space, providing a concentrated dose of your own natural growth factors in order to promote lasting tissue repair and revitalization. This can help repair damaged ligaments and tendons, degraded cartilage, arthritic conditions, and reduce pain.

Office Care


Minor Office Procedures


At Del Mar Integrative Medicine we offer walk-in urgent care services and minor office procedures including:

(1) suturing/stitching wounds, (2) cleaning/disinfecting injuries, (3) minor injury care, and (4) physical examination.

Physical Medicine

Techniques used:

Muscle Manipulation ($120, cash pay service)

A system of soft tissue/muscle manipulation used in treating a vast array of physical complaints and pains such as low back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, muscle spasms, muscle overuse, sciatica, and more.

ART (Active Release Technique):

  • An advanced soft tissue mobilization technique in which the tightness and range of motion of muscles, tendons, and ligaments are evaluated and treated utilizing specific applications of pressure and patient movement.
    – Schedule ART

MET (Muscle Energy Technique):

  • A manual therapy technique that mobilizes the muscle tissue and allows for muscular relaxation by placing the patient in a position specific to their particular muscular complaint while the physician utilizes a small amount of muscular contraction against the patient in a particular vector. This is a great technique for acute muscle spasms and dysfunction that allows for increased range of motion, decrease in pain, and decreased muscle stiffness.
    – Schedule MET

Strain-Counterstrain Technique:

  • This physical medicine technique utilizes a combination of stretching the site of muscular dysfunction alternating with active resistance of the muscle. This allows for greater range of motion and pain alleviation to be obtained from the site of muscular dysfunction. – Schedule Strain-Counterstrain

Pelvic Blocking Technique:

  • A pair of pelvic blocks (or wedges) are utilized by having the patient lay either prone or supine directly over the pelvic blocks in a position consistent with their joint/disc dysfunction and allow gravity to gently manipulate the joint/disc back into its resting state. This can be a non-invasive, pain free treatment of sciatica, some cases of disc herniation, low back pain, and certain cases of hip joint discomfort. – Schedule Pelvic Blocking Technique

MFR (Myofascial Release Technique):

  • A physical medicine technique that utilizes the soft tissue mobilization and gentle pressure in order to facilitate the unwinding of fascia and the alleviation of muscle pain. Often times dysfunctional fascia can be subjectively felt as a dense region of muscle tissue that is painful to the touch, a “trigger point” as it is sometimes referred to, and oftentimes is associated with referred pain. MFR is very effective in treated TMJ dysfunction and many cases of muscular tightness and discomfort.
    – Schedule MFR (Myofascial Release Technique)


Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT, aka an “adjustment”)

A hands-on technique practiced by doctors of osteopathic medicine (D.O.) in which the vertebrae are assessed and physically manipulated back into their normal resting position when found to be out of alignment. This technique utilizes high velocity, low amplitude thrusting with the hands in order to achieve spinal manipulation.

Health Optimizations

IV Therapy (LIVV Natural health) (cash pay service)

We offer a variety of IV nutrient therapies at our clinic for chronic disease patients, health optimization, enhanced immune function, to boost energy, aid in detoxification, improved muscle recovery, or simply accelerate your recovery process and liver detoxification capacity after a night out.


Acupuncture/ Pain Relief

Acupuncture (cash pay service)

A system of Chinese Medicine in which very fine needles are inserted into the superficial layer of the skin along the specific points throughout the body in order to elicit a specific response.

Immigration Physicals

USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) INS Immigration Services Immigration Physicals (cash pay service) ($180/person)

When applying for a Green Card in the United States, you will need to have a medical examination from a doctor certified by the USCIS. At Del mar Integrative Medicine our USCIC certified physicians will not only perform your physical examination, but help you understand and complete your I-693 Form and refer you to the requisite laboratory testing and vaccinations necessary to complete your Green Card application.