Laser Treatment

At Del Mar Integrative Medicine we offer Class IV laser therapy, meaning that our laser treatments are high powered with deeper tissue penetration and greater therapeutic action. Laser therapy emit photons (particle/wave of light) that penetrates deep into the tissue and stimulates mitochondrial function (the energy producing organelles in each of our cells), and signals several pathways responsible for tissue repair and proliferation. This can be used to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin by enhancing your body’s natural healing processes and cellular energy production.


We have different settings in our laser, so we can accomplish myriad tremendous results:
Laser can tighten skin. Lighten age spots and reduce cellulite. There are many different therapies that lasers are amenable to and yield immediately pleasing results.


Reduce Cellulite



I don’t do any laser that requires 4 or 5 day downtime — when you’re done, you’re pretty much done, so you can go out that night have dinner and you and you’d be fine.

Is Laser Treatment Therapy For You?


Laser skin tightening is a minimally invasive, non-surgical process that uses an infrared light source (a laser) to tighten skin by heating the collagen under the skin’s surface, causing the skin to contract (tighten).

Facial skin tightening is noticeable immediately after the treatment, and there is no downtime, making this an increasingly popular procedure. Additional skin tightening occurs over the next few months, but optimal results usually require two or three treatments about a month apart.

Laser skin tightening is an FDA approved method for the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity. While laser skin tightening results may not be as dramatic as those of a face lift, patients enjoy moderate results with no downtime.

An added benefit of laser skin tightening is that it is safe and effective for restoring a more firm, youthful appearance to skin all over the body. Read on to learn more about the benefits of laser skin tightening treatment.


Skin tightening treatment also encourages the growth of new collagen in the treated areas and promotes the absorption of more collagen from surrounding, untreated areas. With the regeneration of natural collagen, laser skin tightening patients immediately begin to notice smoother, softer skin and a more youthful appearance. The effects continue to improve over the next few months following the laser skin tightening treatment, as the skin’s natural stores of collagen are gradually replenished.

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